City of Portland


In this photo an image of the city of Portland is the interesting subject because it showcases a part of the town at night with the beautiful lights showing and even reflecting off of the water. The camera angle in this is perfect I would say, because it shows the water, the town and the reflection of the lights from the buildings in the water. The photographer took this from a far away angle because he or she could fit so much more into the screen. Such as the blue sky which is different from the left to right as its dark to lighter blue. From the angle you also see the different shapes of buildings from tall,small, square, rectangular, etc. I also think that getting the water which includes reflection from the city makes it that much better. Because it just adds that “special” part of the photo it completes the overall image. The lighting in the photo is probably is great as it gets. From like I said before the different shades of blue you get from the sky when it goes from the left which is dark blue to right side which is light blue and then the middle is a mixture of both. The city lights also make the lighting that much better as the shine bright from an angle across the water. When they reflect off of the water I think its do obviously the lights but also the lighting in the sky. So overall I would say this is a great picture from the subject, the camera angle and the lighting.


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